Southwest Reveals Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Livery

Southwest to Make Announcement in Partnership with Walt Disney World Tomorrow

A few hours ago, Southwest airlines, the leading domestic carrier in the United States tweet it out a tweet from their main account, saying

“Stay tuned tuned for a magical announcement tomorrow… 👀”

In the picture below, attached to the tweet, it had a Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary logo. (See below)

As some of you may know, Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary is this weekend, and it appears the Walt Disney company has partnered with Southwest in some way to provide a celebration for their 50th.

Now, my immediate assumption is that Southwest will paint a Disney 50th special livery on their airplane, or, add more routes to Orlando. But, what I did also notice is that Southwest is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year as well. Possibly, they’re doing some kind of special livery which combines Southwest’s 50th and Walt Disney World 50th? Who knows? I guess we’ll find out real soon!


oh Wow i hope its the livery
i am excited to see what t looks like


This is great news! I hope this partnership works out!

A little odd that it’s only on their twitter… nothing on Instagram as far as I see unless I’m missing something…



cool! time to wait for a feature request! lol

Cue the feature request for the livery IF cannot add because of copyright…


Anyone else think it looks pretty cursed without the swooshes from the tail spilling into the fuselage? Idk looks odd to me

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yeah, it kind of bothers me.

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Like it’s different with Freedom One, Louisiana One, etc. because they have something else under the tail

But just blue looks weird

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they just posted a video on twitter!!

As for someone who’s a huge Disney geek, I’m so excited for this livery.

I love Disney, I go all the time. I’m so excited for the 50th as well as this plane. My two favorite things combined into one!

now only jetBlue has to put it on their plane

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If this happens, I’ll freak out even more. 😂

Just watched a pretty cool video on what was it like at the media event for the celebration and flying on the plane. Check it out!

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