Southwest Retro Livery

After seeing it at KDCA, I thought that the Southwest Retro Livery would be a cool addition to the liveries for the 737! Hit that vote button if you want to see this Livery in IF!

Yessssssss. This was my favorite livery on SWA. I miss this paint!


Unfortunately, this is a duplicate. Please search before posting. You can vote for the livery here:

Oh ok sorry I will vote there

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No worries! We all learn from our mistakes. Nice livery though!

The other topic’s almost a year old, I think this one should stay.

True, but I think it should have information.

This one should stay because the bumping up the other one is necroposting which is against the forum’s guidelines

This one stays. Cheerios!


Gorgeous! As a huge Southwest fan (and dedicated passenger), I would love to see this.

Holy necroposting Batman…

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In which universe did someone say “this livery looks great! Let’s put it on our airplane!”

(It’s my personal opinion that I don’t like it, just sayin)

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Apparently this one, lol

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I’m kinda hip to this livery…


Positively stunning.

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As a SWA fan, I’d love for this to be added. On a side note, it’s actually called the “Desert Gold” livery.

The corn dog livery… definitely!

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I like this but Shamu is my #1.

Wow, I’ve never seen this before but I instantly love it! You have my vote, and I’d really like to see this aircraft in IF.

That other one is closed your good to keep this one…