Southwest realism update July 8th

Hello everyone! Update for the southwest realism flights-
-first off I am amazed at how much support I got in 24 hours. Thank you for the interest in my concept.
-secondly, all times are still available, which you can see at my homepage.
-Third, I’ve done some research and I’ve found that southwest doesn’t do a straight flight out of Burbank, but I still think it’s cool to utilize Burbank, because it is a busy airport in real life. Trust me I wake up to annoying sounds 10 miles away!
-lastly, if you want a slot for the flight, contact me or send me an email at Thank youimage

Your pretty quick off the dime for a 13 year old. Tell me about your VA experience and background pls? Mad Max Sends

My va experience? Umm, I just think they really do care about the customer and not the money. They have a lot of leg room for a domestic airline, and airways voted them ninth best in the world

I was not clear. VA= Virtual Airlines. Are you familiar with the concept? Ever been a member/player of a VA currently operating or being developed?

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Hold on Southwest Airlines did not make that much of a difference in legroom in comparison to what you would get on an United Airline flight

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Southwest the ninth best airline in the world? :neutral_face:
It’s EVA Air, a Taiwanese privately owned airline.

Spencer…can’t you just assign slot here on this thread so that we know who’s doing what at the various time???..Just saying

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I think he thought that you were referring you to Virgin Atlantic.

They are not 5 star though. Qatar, Garuda, Hainan, All nippon, and Asiana are 5 star.

The day WN is the 9th best airline in the world is the day that USA decides to switch the national bird from the Bald Eagle to the Ostrich :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Long live the DC-9!

I thought he meant virgin america, and I ran out of replies before I could say

Yes, I will once more have been taken. All slots are still available at the moment

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ok i sent you an email…

Me too :stuck_out_tongue: