Southwest Realism Flights (attempt 3) @ KSAN - 301100ZJUL16 [Closed]

I would like to join in with this

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Okay… how about this… just email me your times @ , I can set it up there.

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Tomorrow is the event! I’m bumping this to ensure there is a good enough amount of pilots flying! :)

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I will come

Which server and the date?

Even if you are participating in this event on the PG server, I as ATC except that people follow commands.

Playground, and Anytime Saturday July 30th.

Today! Maybe I will join!

I will be operating the 5am service from LAX-SAN

I will probably do one of these…

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Okay guys. I will be joining in two to three hours. Thanks for everybody who is attending.

How is everyone doing? I just flew the KONT route…