Southwest Realism Flights (attempt 3) @ KSAN - 301100ZJUL16 [Closed]

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Sorry to all who I didn’t respond to, I am on vacation. Will get back to you shortly.

How do I find this waypoints?

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys… On the day of the event, I will spawn in, and just copy my flight plan for your flight…

Can we just choose any route and come and go during the day?

Yea, but it can’t be too crazy, has to be moderate

Sounds good!

Won’t Socal be packed on the PG server? 😁

Yea, your point? It only makes it more fun…

“My point” being that it might get a bit confusing who’s doing what, that’s all.

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Oh got it… Hmm, maybe we can get some controllers on advanced 🤔

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In case this is done in playground, I can help with ATC at KSAN! :)

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The reason I say this…

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I can assist with approach and departure at KSAN.

Alright! I think it could be done on playground @Full_flight! :)

It all depends on how much air traffic and how many air traffic controllers are there

I won’t be in the event until about 7pm utc-8

How about if you create a list for all the willing ATC controllers for playground and then you can see if it can be done on playground? :)

Yea, I’m going on my computer in like five minutes to edit all of it in.

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ahh nuts, I can’t edit it because the post is too old…