Southwest: New vs Old Livery event @ KMIA - 051800ZAUG16

Server: Advanced

Region: South Florida

Airport: KMIA - KTPA

Time: 1800Z

Aircraft: Southwest 737-700

NOTAM: *This event will be an awesome Southwest new vs Old livery flight. Choose which livery you want to represent and sign up for a corresponding gate . I will be leading the Old livery group while @Roy_Pratt (Supervisor at International Cargo Group) will be leading the New livery group. Each groups flight is around 210nm long. Cruising altitude will be 20,000 feet and cruise speed will be 290 indicated airspeed. ( Do not Exceed) Make sure to start decent at around 75nm from destination and intercept the localizer at 2,500 AGL.Do not exceed 240 indicated airspeed during descent. At parking copy your Group Leaders Flight Plan. My Callsign is HOP7, Roy’s callsign is DERP Super. Note: Each group will have a different flight plan. After Pushback (Please don’t pushback into each other) follow your groups leader to the runway. For the new livery group it will be runway 09 and for the Old livery group it will be 08R. For spacing purposes wait a little bit after the person infront of you takes to take off so there is spacing. This is not a flight to fly formations or fly really close to each other. Spacing should be maintained the whole flight and especially landing

Following The Flight Plan: If the flight plan looks something like this:

then follow the flight plan to the runway.

If the flight plan looks something like this image
then make left/ Right Traffic ( watch your groups leader if you want to see it) for your designated runway. Once Landed meet at parking with Me and @Roy_Pratt and we will park in alternating liveries (New, Old, New, Old) *

Gate Assignments at KMIA :
Me/@David_Hopkins : G19
@Roy_Pratt : G14
New Livery Parking Spots:
G12- @Alexander.perman
G10- @Cameron_Brown
G08- @N1RG
G06- @Jay757
Old Livery Parking Spots:
G09- @AtomicHerbster4
G15- @Lin_Yifan
G11- @Anwaar
G07- @Klolhi

Comment on this page what livery group you want to be in and ill assign a gate. Tell me your callsign as well. Hope To See You Guys There! It’s gonna be Awesome!


Why not Chicago-MDW, since it’s where WN is.

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What do you mean

Southwest has a base in Chicago’s Midway Airport in real life. So why not choose KMDW? MDW is a perfect place to do this event.


Southwest has many bases at many different airports. The Soflo region is a great place for this event.

Ill be there

Well, I usually spawn to the corresponding Airport that the airline is based at. But, I have no control over events. Just thought MDW would be a good place.

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Also the short runways would make for some fun landings

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Count me in. Any gate is fine.

No more off topic responses. Only comment on this page if you are interested in the event.

What livery do you want to be

Just 737-700 for this event, do you still want to do old livery

Ok then, thanks ;)

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are you still gonna be there?

Why not use the real flight with Southwest? (KTPA-KFLL)

Please only comment on this thread if you plan on attending the event

6 spots left!

I’ll be in the new livery, put me anywhere

Awesome, see you there!

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I accidentally put you in the old livery spot. I just changed you to a new livery gate.

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