Southwest "New Mexico One" Boeing 737-7H4 (New Tail)

Jason, read under the “But Liveries Tho” section.

Just saw this a few weeks ago in Chicago for the second time. This would be a great addition to the Southwest fleet.


We really need this in IF!

I voted!

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I would love to see this, and most of the other special liveries.

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Seeing the new United livery on the 737 makes me excited! Maybe another Southwest livery like this one could make its way in v20.1?! :D

great… because of one reveal every other 737 livery request gets active…

You’d be saying the same thing on the “Yam Dreaming” Dreamliner thread if a new 787 got revealed 🤷‍♂️

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no i wouldn’t

Is the New Mexico one gonna be added! In the 700 series

you just gotta wait and see

yes yes yes yes yes yes we need this

let me know If I can spare a vote

voted(10 words)

Appreciate it! My favorite Southwest state livery :D

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Personally seen it at Denver!

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Let me see If I can get some people here

Lets try and spread this fast cause this is a must as I want to do a flight with this livery so badly

Love all of the yellow I would love to see some more southwest special liveries

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With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

  • Feature requests may not be created for temporary or special liveries

Due to this, this feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app. For more information on what is permitted, please visit the About the Features Category.