Southwest New Mexico One 737-700 Livery

I would love to see this Livery in Infinite Flight! I’ve flown on this 2 times and seen it many times in KSAN! It’s a really awesome Southwest Special Livery and I hope this will come to IF in the next few updates!

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Southwest Airlines unveils New Mexico One

The Livery was announced in Sept. 18th, 2000 And has service from San Diego and Whashington. The Livery also has 2 color Schemes for the tail. One is Gold and one in Blue or the regular Southwest tail.

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I searched this topic up and nothing came up, so I decided to make this, if I abused any rules, please let me know and you may close this topic!

I like thr livery and all but dont you think there are already enough southwest liveries and request


There are never enough ;) Southwest is a pretty big operator in terms of domestic flights across the United States. Having some of their Flagships to fly in is a huge honor. Cam, the livery reminded me of a DHL aircraft. nice find!


If you like the livery just say so and end it there don’t try and put it down this is a free community and there can be as many livery request as there is


What a beauty 😍

Would love to have it in IF :)

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I do see a lot of DHL yellow, great find @Kamryn!


I dont think its necessary to have “single” liveries like this, unless they add most of these special liveries like they did with the frontier planes, it wouldnt be worth it, could you just imagine 10 “nevada ones” or “new mexicos” at one airport itll just be silly, its a nice livery but It should only be offered in a pack.

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The correct place for you to comment

In terms of this livery: I don’t see a problem with a request like this. It looks good, and I don’t see a special livery in game yet from southwest

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Thank You, so if any of you want to say something about special liveries will be common, please post there because i don’t want this topic to go off topic.

That aircraft was released the exact day I was born.


Wow! That’s rare to happen!

Yea feels good to be the same age as a plane

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Saw this while Leaving KSAT. Was supposed to fly it but the flight got canceled.

How is this not closed

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Flag it and it will be.

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Neither of you even flagged it…