Southwest new liveries that need to be added

Currently we have a few very good Southwest liveries including Illinois One Canyon Blue Desert Gold Heart and Shamu But that is not all of Southwest’s specialty or common liveries
I’m hoping that in update 20.2 they add the rest of southwest specialty liveries including Lone Star One New Mexico One Colorado One Maryland One Arizona One California One Louisiana One Florida one Missouri one Nevada one and Tennessee One I’m also hoping that they add moving doors to the 737 like they did with the 777

Please request only 1 livery per feature request

It would be like 20 separate feature request


Thanks for the feature request ideas. Please review the following topic below regarding specific guidelines that need to be followed prior to posting a feature request topic. Additionally, its also important to search the forum using the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner to ensure that there isn’t already an open topic for the feature you’re seeking to be added. Thanks!


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