Southwest - Midway to Orange County

Hey IFC! Yesterday I co-hosted an event with @Bren_McDonell at Chicago O’Hare and Chicago Midway Airports. Quite a few people showed up but I can’t remember everyone so I won’t bother tagging every person 😂
These are just a few pictures of takeoff and landing.
Those who attended were: @Antonio10231 @NYFLFlyer22 @Andrew_Yates @bbrockairbus @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 @Venezuelancap @AviationFreak @IF_KGRR @Hogwyld @DeltaFox @K_HUNCHO3x

Server: Expert
Airline/Aircraft: Southwest Airlines B737-700
Flight Time: 4hr 24mn

Midway International Airport

John Wayne/Orange County International Airport


Fantastic shots!

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Good stuff.

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@Cameron_M and @T4ir5ty thanks!

Beautiful photos! Chicago Midway is super underrated, also did you hear Southwest is gonna invade O’hare now? I’m predicting they’re gonna have a fourth of the airport by 2025.

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Thanks, yes it is very underrated!
I don’t think it will last long for SWA or at least they won’t take over that much because other airlines won’t give up their slots

Honestly, you’re probably right, currently, they’re going to share gates with someone, but I’m still going to love seeing a blue bird fly into ORD a few times a day, also United isn’t going to be happy with Southwest’s ORD to DEN route.


Great shots! Looked like a fun event!


Yeah, yet UA is invading JFK 😂

Thanks! Yeah it was cool to have an event at an underrated airport

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