Southwest may take up to 500 MAX 7s

Well they sold them off, and stayed all 737

Actualy the 717 is boeing, so my point about them owning non boeing aircraft is irrelevant…

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I’m glad you figured that out. 😂

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They are all 737 is a better way to put that

Well I wouldn’t consider the CEO of Southwest Airlines nor Leeham News as “insignificant” sources… but Southwest will finish 2018 with over 700 aircraft, 180ish -800s and the rest -700s. Even if they only replace half of the -700 fleet that’s still over 250 MAX 7s.


can’t wait. (>>>>>>)

It is amazing how much money is in the airline business.

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The airline buisness actually took off because people dumped money into it. Sure it was a big risk, but they ended up getting rich.

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“In 1903, Charles Lindbergh proved engineering feasibility. He risked time, money, and his life to show that long distance air travel was possible. This gave investors enough confidence to risk their money in the aircraft industry. In 1935, the Douglas Company came out with the DC-3, which was the beginning of economic feasibility.”
-Richard J. Maybury, ‘Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?’

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jesus christs, 500! thats quite large!

Wow that is a lot of planes tho

It’s not irrelevant, the 717 is a MD-95. When MD was acquired by Boeing they just changed the name to a 717.

Still a boeing aircraft, and I think ot would be more of a MD-70 since it is smaller, but we are a bit off topic so…

Sad they stick so strongly to Boeing. Airbus would look incredible in their livery. But I admire their dedication. Great to see life from SWA. I won’t be flying them but I’m glad others will.

No, they leased them to Delta (Southwest still own all 88 of AirTran’s 717s)

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Well that is interesting

Honestly if Emirates cuts their 7779X order then the Southwest 737max’s will keep Boeing in business. Who agrees

Woooah! 500! That’s the first time I have seen an airline talk about that much new aircraft. I have never seen a Southwest IRL (I live on the other side of the pond), however southwest must have some deep pockets.

All I can say is, I can’t wait to fly and see these in Houston! So many -700s fly over my house, and hopefully, some of those will be MAX 7s!

Another note, if Southwest replaces the -700s with the MAX 7, that means all the special state liveries will be on them!

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