Southwest MAX 8 has Crashed

Last night Southwest Flight 8703 reported a flight control issue on approach to victorville (KVCV) shortly before taking an erratic path and disappearing from radar. This was a ferry flight. A search has begun for the missing aircraft and its crew. More info will be added.

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Good one here, you got me because of the category it’s in. Not really funny…

Unfortunately I’m going to need some references or…

fake news

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Aaaand this happened.

Dude, that’s not funny. Not really funny to post something like this.

Well, in my opinion anyways


Not a very funny aprils joke at all

MAX 8s are grounded…

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They have re positioned them, so you still see some in the air. I think SW is down to three?

but… this is stupid. close this thread. uncalled for

Jokes regarding the potential loss of life are never funny.