Southwest Launches New Southern California Route

Southwest Launches San Diego To Honolulu

Today, the largest domestic airline in the United States, Southwest Airlines launched a new route from a Southern California city, San Diego to Honolulu, the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Launching new routes has actually become somewhat of a common occurrence for low-cost airlines during the pandemic, as they try to attract more leisure travelers at lower prices. We’ve seen JetBlue and Alaska Airlines follow this as well. United Airlines also announce plenty of new routes which will be starting soon. Some pictures of the San Diego Flight can be seen below!


Good for Southwest. Road to recovery?

Finally, @Rolls can fly on a budget from “Sandy Eggo” to Honolulu.

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Southwest was never in major trolls. Of course every stock took a dive, but southwest did decent considering the circumstances

Honestly yeah, especially for flights to Hawaii.

With the new COVID-19 PCR test, passengers can skip the 14-day quarantine in Hawaii if they test negative. Since many international travel restrictions still in place, people are going to continue to focus on Florida and now Hawaii for these winter months.

For American Airlines, they’re already increasing capacity to Hawaii by placing the 777-300ER on DFW to Honolulu, 787-9 on LAX to Honolulu, and 777-200ERs on Phoenix to Honolulu/Kahului this winter.

United was smart and jumped on this expected Hawaii trend months ago by adding Newark to Kahului and Chicago to Kona for this winter.

The U.S. to Hawaii market’s going to be competitive this winter. We’ll see if Southwest plans to add some new routes to Hawaii since they’ve been so aggressive lately.


Correct me, because I’m probably wrong, but wasn’t United the only one that had access to the rapid test? Or did the other airlines eventually find access to the tests?

Airlines are able to get access to it but only on certain routes. It has a lot of the legal issues because they need to use it for other things as well, and Covid test are still not easy to get

Is AA currently flying 787s to Hawaii from any of their hubs?

Yesss!! One more big step for my favorite airline. Cant wait to try this new route out!

Not at the moment. LAX-HNL will be on the 787-9 from December 2 and PHX to HNL/OGG will see the 787-8 for a few days in December/January along with the 777.

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Ahh you see I though United had bought the testing equipment themselves. But I guess that wouldn’t have made much sense, would it…

Oh my, I am so happy for this :)

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