Southwest KSFO-KFAT

Short flight from San Francisco to Yosemite

beginning pushback with 144 passengers
crossing the 1’s and taxing to 28L Bye franny!
autopilot engaged 👉💍
passengers, if you would look down you can see United, wave and show them what a full aircraft looks like. no hard feelings @tstiv96
On final! I can’t believe It’s not butter! We’re done! And only 3% of people with epilepsy are photosensitive.


Went to Yosemite this break, drove all the way from San Francisco after a combined 8 hour flight, drove all the way to Yosemite, but we could have gone on a plane to Yosemite 😂

Kudos to my drivers mom and dad for doing the stressful but cheaper way and driving without crashing.


Cheaper? I beg to differ


This is awesome 😉👍🏽Love Southwest

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Many I ask why this is in there?

While you’re reading you might as well learn something. And I have epilepsy and people always ask if i can be around flashing lights, so hopefully that can lower the number for someone else.

That’s great that your informing people like that. It just confused for a second there… 😁

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