Southwest | KOA-SJC | Boeing 737-800ER

Hey IFC!
I took this flight on Tuesday when all those Hawaiian airports were featured. I’ve just decided to keep my distance from PHNL whenever it’s featured, for reasons I have already stated sufficiently to the IF community.

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: Southwest 122VA

 Route: Kona PHKO - San Jose KSJC

Feast your eyes
APU start up

Traffic in position

Blasting out of KOA

Climbing over the northwest corner of the island, super lush forest down there I want to explore someday

Listening to the chaos that is Honolulu center

Reached cruise

Many aircraft are flying along this route, got to be careful!

Passing The Point of No Return, kind of a scary place

Descending into the Silicon valley

Safe landing in San Jose!

Takeoff and Landing movie
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Awesome Pics!!

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me likey