Southwest in the Southwest

Today I decided to do a little short flight on the Southwest 737-700. I departed Phoenix Sky Harbor and made my way to Palm Springs.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Southwest 737-700
Flight time: 0:48
Server: expert

At the gate prepping for pushback

Taxiing out to Runway 7L


Turning West towards Palm Springs

Salton Sea off in the distance

On final in the flightdeck

View from the threshold

Just about to land


Pulling into the gate

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Outstanding photos! Looks like it was a nice route as well!

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Thank you 😊

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That 3rd picture is awesome. Cheers

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Thank you ☺️

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3rd pic is nice 👍

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Thank you.

Username checks out

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Verry nice photos and route!

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Thank you 😊

Wonderful photos! Contact me sometime so we can fly southwest. I’m in Southwest Virtual as well.

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I’ve applied to swva awaiting the review of my Pattern
I did the flight for NKVA

I’m in too many VA’s to list, but good luck on your review!

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Me too lol 😂

I’ve done this flight irl twice now!

Super fun and quick!