Southwest in Hawaii

I meant to share this yesterday, but was caught up with other things when I landed.

The official flight took place yesterday to Honolulu, HI on a Southwest 737-800S.

While I didn’t take pictures of the initial flight, I did when I landed in Hawaii

I departed from KSJC airport and headed to Hawaii. Took around 5hrs and 22mins from departure to arrival.

I hope you like the pictures :)

Southwest Welcomes you to Hawaii

Hawaiian mountain range near Honolulu
Flight Path

Full shot of Southwest plane

Video of landing (No music, just normal audio)


Interesting route. Does this route exist in real life? Nice landing and great screenshots!

It will in a matter of days! SWA got approved the other day to fly there.


Yes. Southwest has plans to fly SJC-HNL soon. I just did an official flight within Infinite flight.


Your like the master buttered 😂😂

While I like the convenience of APPR, I can hand fly a plane if I need to as well :)

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