Southwest Illinois one 737-700 | KBWI-KLGA

Hey IFC! Since I haven’t done one in a while, I wanted to do flight report! This time I took a southwest Illinois one 737-700 for a short leap from Baltimore to NYC. I know this isn’t in Illinois but I never flew the livery before and it was pretty cool looking. Very fun!
Enjoy the pictures!

Load up and takeoff at KBWI runway 28
around 7:50am

Post takeoff

Flying past Philadelphia

Staring the visual expressway approach

Flying over the expressway

Making the turn

And a safe landing on runway 31

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
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Those are amazing! Good job!

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Are you sure it’s from 737-700? Because I don’t have the 2 pilots cockpit view for the 737-700!


Nice pics awesome 😎😎

He did it in replay mode most likely in free cam where you can pause the flight and move the camera around @FrankLFRS


Great pictures! Thank you for doing the Expressway Visual. I’m tired of seeing people fly straight in to runway 31

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Thank you! I still am trying to decide which visual approach I like more, the La Guardia expressway approach or the DC National visual river approach. Both pretty challenging but I think I’m going to say the expressway approach because its so unique and it has a shorter final.

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When I went to New York last month we stayed in lower Manhattan and I pretty clearly remember hearing planes flying over even with how noisy it is in NYC. I think that helped too.
Your so lucky you live in NYC

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Kudos to the pilots, they can fly the whole way with their hands on their laps! Very nice job!

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Thousands thanks

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Yeah using the replay free view while paused gives some pretty good views, that’s what I did for this.

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That’s exacly how I did this