Southwest Hops in the Southwest

3 Southwest Hops in the Southwest

”I Just Want to Watch the Videos”
Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time
Phoenix (PHX) - Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest B737-700 0:41
Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time
Las Vegas (LAS) - Santa Ana (SNA) Southwest B737-700 0:42
Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time
Santa Ana (SNA) - Phoenix (PHX) Southwest B737-700 0:48

Hello all, this topic is a showcase of a multi-leg flight that I did “recently” with a Southwest Airlines 737-700 in the U.S. southwest. I’ve included both photos and YouTube videos to display this fun flight, hope you enjoy reading along as much as I enjoyed the flight!

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic start of the week. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while (since I flew this flight 2 Sundays ago), but I got lazy last week so I gave myself plenty of time to finish this post by scheduling the videos to post earlier today instead of last week.

I often like to fly short hops around the United States since it’s a good way to gain some landing experience and fly to places I’ve been to. I usually fly with Southwest Airlines (as can be seen in previous topics like this one) as they have a bunch of point-to-point routes between smaller airports that enjoy flying to. Anyways, the reason I decided to go flying around the southwest a few weeks ago was for a flyout event at John Wayne Airport (SNA/KSNA) hosted by @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek. Since I would be flying later for the event, I decided that I might do a couple a flights before and flyin to JWA as well. Initially I planned to fly a turn back and forth from Phoenix to Santa Ana and back, then take a long flight over to somewhere on the east coast, however, the event was pushed back a few hours, so I decided to fly from Phoenix to Vegas to Santa Ana to Phoenix instead. That would be the end of my flights for the day since the delay meant it overlapped with some of my other arrangements.

What eventually played out during that day was flying 3 legs between 3 different destinations in 3 different states, though none of the legs took more than an 1.5 hours. The aircraft I took out for a ride was a Southwest Airlines 737-700 in the 2014 Heart Livery (in-game registration N611SW). The route took me from a busy Phoenix SkyHarbor Intl Airport due to another event, to a quiet Las Vegas Harry Reid Intl Airport for a long ~50 layover. After that stop (and making sure that I wouldn’t get in too late to the event) I headed over to John Wayne where I landed with plenty of time. I took a short timelapse of the ground traffic, then pushed out for my departure back to Phoenix for my last leg.

> Thanks to @AviationFlyer for allowing me to show off his 2D and 3D editing work on John Wayne airport in this topic and my videos!

Flight Details

Airlines: Southwest Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Registration: N611SW
Server: Expert
Game Version: 23.1
Flight flown: 05/28/2023

So the day started off at Phoenix SkyHarbor Intl Airport at about 10am my time. At this point I had learned that the event had been pushed back and I was deciding between flying to somewhere in NorCal for my first stop, having a long layover in Vegas, then heading to Santa Ana. I decided to give myself plenty of wiggle room by doing a short flight over to Vegas and then a long wait to depart for Santa Ana, this made sure I wasn’t late to the event.

At the same time I was departing from Phoenix, @Butter575 was hosting his one year anniversary event/groupflight, so it was pretty hectic getting out of Phoenix. I think they may have mistaken me for part of the group since I was routed to runway 8 as well, but it did make for a nice picture.

The video below is a singleshot Timelapse that showcases my first leg of the day from Phoenix to Las Vegas. Spawning in at the Southwest gates on the south side of the field, I was taken through the maze of another IFC event at Phoenix, taking off on the north side of the field, it worked out anyways since I was was departing to the north. There was a beautiful departure over the city, then flying over the deep canyons towards the north of the state. I may have passed over the Grand Canyon, but I can’t remember anymore, it was pretty amazing nonetheless. I landed on Vegas’s runway 26L and taxied to terminal C.

Our departure SID had us flying an immediate sharp left turn after liftoff that took the aircraft over the city and off towards the north. The traffic on the ground was relatively high compare to Infinite Flight usually, but that didn’t stop once we were in the air. There was another aircraft that passed just a few thousand feet below us that was flying into Phoenix as we left. You can see the C208 in the bottom right of the photo below!

Here’s a nice photos of our aircraft pulling into the gate at Harry Reid International Airport with the Vegas tower soaring above us in the background. Our arrival into Vegas was the second best of the day, just about -100fpm. The 737 is just such a fun bird to fly, I haven’t tried it yet since 23.2, but I heard there have been some flight model changes, so I’ll have to adjust my flying a little I guess. We arrived with plenty of time to spare before our next flight so I waited at the gates for quite a while before I headed off to SoCal.

My flight over to my home airport, John Wayne Airport, was pretty uneventful other than the fact that I had a pretty steep descent into SoCal since I had gotten distracted and almost forgot to start my descent in time. I departed from runway 26R in Vegas and turned south at first to fly the SID before getting back onto a western heading towards CA. It was also a pretty flight with the Mojave desert and the mountain chains heading into the LA area.

Here’s a photo of my steep descent into SNA with the Santa Ana Mountains ahead of us. I did have to put the spoilers out to help slow us down for our arrival. It was a pretty fast-paced, but still normal and safe arrival. I love the arrival into John Wayne since it takes you over the mountains to land on such a short runway. 20R is only just over 5000 feet long, so flaps 40 and the highest autobreaks are used. I’m happy to report that the landing was the best of the day, which was quite rewarding with the runway length… always aim for the numbers :)

When I first arrived, John Wayne was empty (other than a single Allegiant A320 taking off), but just a little while later it filled up with people spawning in for the event. I was very happy to see a whole bunch of the gates filled up with jets. The terminal had every single Southwest 737-700 livery at the gates, so we had a bunch of colors just from the Southwests. In the video from SNA to PHX there’s an apron timelapse at the very beginning if you want to see some of the traffic.

The singleshot Timelapse below showcases the last leg of my 3-leg Southwest hops in the southwest of the day (yes I know that was a convoluted sentence 😝). My flight from John Wayne departed from rwy 20R using some fun noise abatement procedures, then turning left for our eastbound heading towards Phoenix. Like the rest of the flights today, it was another beautiful flight over the deserts of California and Arizona. We got to land on the south side of the field in Phoenix this time thankfully, and there was a short taxi to the Southwest gates in Phoenix. Overall, the flying that day was 9/10!

So, if you didn’t know, John Wayne has these really fun to fly departures due to noise abatement procedures for the surrounding communities. The departure consists of a steep takeoff to 800ft, before reducing engine power and slowing ascent until you’re over the ocean. You also have to avoid flying over the houses at the end of runway. Flying out of SNA is fun, but it’s also pretty with the mountains and all the development down below. In the background of the picture below are the San Gabriel Mountains.

Last picture of the day shows off a pretty nice arrival (worst of the day though) into SkyHarbor. The beautiful tower and another Southwest tail at the gates is displayed as we touch down on runway 07R.

So that was my three leg journey around the U.S. southwest a few weeks ago. I want to thank @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek for a fun event, and a reason to take out the 737 for a fun trip. There were some beautiful sights along the way as I flew above the jagged canyons in Arizona, the expansive desert in Nevada and California, to the green mountainsides (although probably brown IRL) descending into the LA area. I definitely enjoyed my flights, and I hope you enjoyed following along! If you enjoyed the videos, please consider subscribing, and do let me know if you have my video or music suggestions for the future.

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  • 1 - Busy Phoenix Ground Traffic
  • 2 - Climbing out of Phoenix
  • 3 - Vegas Tower
  • 4 - Steep Descent into SNA
  • 5 - Busy Apron at SNA
  • 6 - Climbing out of SoCal
  • 7 - Touching Down Back in Phoenix
  • 8 - One of the Video Thumbnails?
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