Southwest | HNL-LIH | Boeing 737-800ER (with bonus realsounds takeoff video)

Hey IFC!
I am so glad southwest started service to an around Hawaii, it’s definitely a competitive market but a great airline that’s competing.

 Server: Expert

 Callsign: Southwest 122VA

 Route - Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye PHNL - Lihue PHLI

Here we go!
Our ride for today

Takeoff from Honolulu

Flying past the city

See ya later Oahu!

Reached cruise

Coming up on Kauai

Final 21

Approaching minimums

Safe landing in Lihue!

Realsounds video

Realsounds video of another flight I did today (United Airlines | DEN-SFO | Airbus A320)

I hope y’all enjoyed!


for the best airline


Nice shots!

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For future reference, slow down to about 8kts when turning onto the centerline… it makes it look super smooth 😉 Other than that, very beautiful flight!! You did an amazing job with the immediate turn to the right 👍🏾

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