Southwest Group Flight [FNF]

Today was FNF, me and 5 others set out on a group flight together over the mountains, concerning the strong Salt Lake City winds, and trolls but in the end we all arrived safe only destroying 5 aircraft and billions in damage costs.

  • Aircraft and Livery : Southwest Aircraft

  • Route : KSLC - KDEN

  • Time : Sunrise

  • Server : Expert

  • Cruise : FL250

  • Cruise Speed : 340 Knots

  • Call Sign : Southwest 094 Flight Of 6

1 .) All of us lined up at the De-Icing rigs

2.) All of us lined up waiting for clearance to takeoff with a troll in the middle

3.) Banking after departure en route to Denver

4.) One of the attendees flying 100 feet above me

5.) 5 of the six attendees all approaching Denver, the sixth attendee is approaching runway 16R

6.) A parallel landing with @AlphaSeven at Denver

7.) 4 of us on final for runway 16L at Denver

8.) 4 of us on final for runway 16L at Denver

9.) 4 of us on final for runway 16L at Denver

10.) All of us parked at Denver, with a FedEx Boeing 777-200F in the background

What picture was your favourite?

  • 1 - At Gate

  • 2 - Taxing

  • 3 - Banking Over Mountain

  • 4 - Fly Over

  • 5 - Approaching Denver

  • 6 - Parallel Landing

  • 7 - On Final Alpha

  • 8 - On Final Bravo

  • 9 - On Final Charlie

  • 10 - Parked At Gate With FedEx Foreground

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All images are Copyright © 2019 by Qantas094. All rights reserved.

A big thanks to the following for coming along:

@Ecoops123, @Fusion737Max, @Gtmkm98, @Scandinavian17, @AlphaSeven


Just a friendly tip. When parking at Denver use the C gates because that is where Southwest parks there planes at.


Thanks mate, I guess from your name you know that, it was my first time flying into KDEN.


No worries. Nice pictures

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Thanks mate.

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Thank you for allowing me to fly with you. That was an amazing experience; I can’t wait for the next one!


Thank you for letting me be a part of this hopefully we could do this again! Btw pic 4 I was the south west heart livery flying 100 feet above @Qantas094
@Qantas094 thx for such a amazing journey with you!


Your welcome mate.

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you should allowed 3 vote, Parallel landing is very good as well, good job, I really liked them

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Thanks mate.

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Great photos good job!

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It was a pleasure flying with you mate! Looking forward to more!


Thank you so much to you all.

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Looked like you enjoyed yourself! I knew Salt Lake was a good choice for the FNF vote on Wednesday! Glad my request actually won! Thanks for sharing! 😁


You’re welcome mate.

I was the 737-700 in the retro livery… Our plan was to just park wherever we could get a screenshot in. We were all following one person whilst taxiing to what we thought was the gate 😂. Trust me by the sounds of it I love and want realism as much as you.

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Yeah, I requested it too. It’s great for both commercial and GA. I picked it mainly because I had 5 flights I wanted to fly in or out of there. I completed 2.

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