Southwest Ground Stop

Just imagine the amount of money that was lost due to this.


This is terrible! My dad flew home today via Southwest from Los Angeles and the terminal was full of people due to various delayed flights and cancellations. He told me that there was some people yelling at the counter. Also that the people yelling were saying that they would go fly American Airlines if their flights were cancelled. I hope Southwest Airlines recovers from this soon.

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I heard about that and as much as I dislike southwest I couldn’t help but feel awful for them. So many cranky passengers and so many people in trouble. I hope this gets over soon! I’m sorry to those who lost their flights to cancelations

I heard that there was more than 1,000 flights cancelled so I’m not sure how long this recovery will take.

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Flew out of San Jose today. Some lady was complaining about this and I had no idea what she was talking about.

Haha yea it was bad. Everything is basically back on track now, but here in Chicago, that was the main story for hours, until a plane crash happened not too far from me in Plainfield, Illinois.

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