Southwest | GEG-DEN | Boeing 737-800ER

Hey gang!
Today, since I haven’t flown out of Spokane all that much but have drove through it a lot on the way to Seattle, I decide it to give it some good old southwest Love. Besides, I don’t have enough time to fly any of my VA aircraft until the weekend, so might as well. Let’s jump right in.
Server: Expert

Callsign: Southwest 368
The photos are ready! Let’s see them.
Gear up

Climbing west over the plains

Flying over my home town of Missoula

Making my way there

Same thing as above

Same thing as above

Descending over Denver


Safe landing at Denver International

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice photos! I love the 7th and 8th because those are 2 angles you rarely see

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Nice!! Love the 2nd and 6th, thet editing on the 6th one looks nice too!

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That looks so awesome, I can do the same thing like you just did but flying from MIA to the Bahamas on American Airlines

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Nice pictures! Creative angles!

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