Southwest Gather ‘Round @ KDAL - 051845ZJAN19

Aircraft and Livery: Any Southwest -700 or -800 Livery


Time of Departure: 18:45

Server: Casual

Additional Information: KDAL has 20 Gates & KBUR has 14 gates. So possibly only 14 people can attend. We do need Tower & Ground ATC at both airports. Other information is down below. Comment if you would like to be apart. We will depart from RWY’s 31R/L at KDAL & land at RWY 26 & 15 at KBUR. Choose any gate!

Hey looks like a great group flight!

But you can’t have gate assignments in Group Flights.

Make sure to follow this -

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I didn’t even know that😂

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All good!😂

Sorry but I can not attend, have a nice flight!

If you move this to Training Server, I can help out as ATC

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