Southwest FNF @KSLC 282000ZJUN19

Pick an unoccupied de-icing pad and go!

I don’t do that well with rolling departures; they cause me some rotation problems.

Ok I’m there waiting

I just filled out the FPL and you can now copy it.

@Qantas094 check ATIS.

Lookin’ good! @Qantas094

Your there??

I’m spawning in

Yes we are at the end of RWY 16L

It looks like the winds are causing problems today…that Dreamliner just slid off the runway.

RIP that 787 then

I will check the next departure.

I just took off that in a C208 how do you think I feel my whole aircraft was rocking whilst I was waiting to take off

It slid right off of and onto the runway right in front of us like that CRJ I witnessed crashing this morning.

Everybody needs a different livery…we need some variety.

RIP an aircraft was on me

I am the only one.

I haven’t seen any

From my perspective, it looks like the aircraft fell into the ground and never came back…one of us.

Lol I didnt see that