Southwest FNF @KSLC 282000ZJUN19

I’m trying to finish my flight first… 30 miles out…

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Thank you mate


You can probably see me at KPIH if you are at Salt Lake…

Hey, I’ve spawned at De-Icing Pad 5Y.

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I’m going to spawn in to get the FPL ready and pre flight checks

I’ll be spawning as soon as I land and taxi to the gate…

I’m in a Southwest 737-800 in Heart Livery; I HATE the Canyon Blue livery; it seems so generic and bland for some reason

Actually I’m not joining

I would come but I’m currently about 400 miles out of KSLC in a CRJ-900. Maybe next time! Hope to see you in the skies :)


That’s okay.

It’s fine mate, I will be host group flights all day.

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ATIS said ‘Rolling departures only’.

That means you can not stop on the runway. Once cleared you must not stop moving.

I know that, I was just notifying @Qantas094 beforehand.

Well I have no ATC

I think they are changing controllers.

Roger that.

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Approach is still active.

I getting ready right now and I’m choosing my livery! See u there mate

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I might be there