Southwest FNF @KSLC 282000ZJUN19

  • Aircraft and Livery : Any Southwest livery
  • Route : KSLC - KDEN
  • Time of Departure : 2019-06-28T20:00:00Z
  • Server : Expert
  • Cruise : FL250
  • Cruise Speed : 340 Knots

Join me flying from Salt Lake City to Denver! The flight is around 1 hour. We will depart from runway 16L and arrive runway 16L, must copy my flight plan.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Please reply if your going to be there.


I am not responsible for any ghosts or violations issued to you.

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I’m going to be there! See you there!

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See you there mate, just make sure to park next to me.

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I will be there

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Hmmmn… I’ll think about it

Umm what gate am I

Hmmmmm. Why not? I can’t guarantee since I’m in a Cessnz 208 FedEx now… just starting to descend.

There is no gates.

Sound more like a Delta route to me, but ok! Have fun guys!

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Well Southwest actually do this route.

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What’s will your call sign be so I can park next to you

Here is our gates.


I know that they are de-icing pads but it’s the only line of gates.

Southwest 094

Ok great see you there

See you there to mate

Wait wtf are you flying to Seattle or Denver?

@Gtmkm98 @Fusion737Max @anon45500775


Okay, that’s weird.

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To Denver if you read the other title it says ended

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Sorry I copy and paste my posts and forgot to change it.


@Qantas094 It’s okay; we all make mistakes.