Southwest Florida International Spotting | @KRSW | 3/20/20 | Ft. 2 bonus DFW & DEN Pictures

Hello Everyone
On March 20th my family headed to RSW aka Southwest Florida International Airport for our flight back to Denver on American via DFW. Now I can guarantee that a lot of you guys didn’t know this airport existed. It’s a small international airport located in Fort Meyers, Florida. So anyways i had just over an hour left after i got through security so I used that time to plane spot.

Delta 757-200 taxing to its gate after arriving from Atlanta

Delta 757-300 waiting at its gate

Same Delta 757-300 waiting at its gate for its flight to MSP. Just a different angle

My aircraft taking me to DFW. American 737-800 N317PG

Southwest 737-800 Canyon Blue @Luke_Sta

Frontier A321 taxiing to its gate

Southwest 737-700 taxing out for departure

Wing View if us banking over the Florida Coastline as the sun begins to set

Went for the dramatic edit. American 787 Dreamliner waiting for its flight to ORD at DFW

United A320 sitting peacefully at Gate 32a at DEN

Edited in Adobe Lightroom
Equipment: Canon EOS rebel t4i Lens: Sigma 100-400mm

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Absolutely wonderful

Ayyy Fort Myers! I used to Go to Fort Myers when my grandma had a house there so I fly to RSW a lot in Infinite Flight! (For anybody wondering, the approach into runway 6 is awesome). Great photos, I love the 757

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These are excellent photos as usual! I hope you enjoyed your time at Marco Island!

That Delta 757! 😍😍

Great pics @den.aviation


Nice pictures! Funny story, I was actually just at RSW last week! My roommate and I were visiting a friend in Punta Gorda driving up from Key West, but we were too early and she was still at work, so we decided to swing through the RSW airport loop (Being the avgeeks that we are) to have a look around since we had some time and neither of us had been there before. It’s a nice little airport with decent airline variety!
@NoahM I’ve heard the 06 approach is nice! It takes you right over the beach and the bay


That wing view is impressive, well done!

Whenever I fly in (in IF) I always fly it, right over Sanibel Island and Fort Myers beach

It is a really nice area. I hope I can go back soon

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Great photos!! Especially the 787! 😍😍

10/10 my guy. In the 9 months that I have been on this forum you have yet to post an even slightly blurry photo. Keep up the good work.

Haha. Thanks!

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Nice pics! I spotted a lone 777, presumably private, in the backdrop of your AA 738 shot… what’s that doing there?

Never seen that frontier livery

Outstanding pics! I’m on a laptop, so :chopsticks: :chopsticks: :chopsticks:

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Anyone know what that 777 BBJ is? Looks like it has a neat paint job. Sports team perhaps? I suppose there’s no shortage of wealthy entities in Florida, so I don’t have a lot of guesses 😂

O dang that’s the Crystal Skye 777.


Ok, I looked it up, and it’s actually really interesting. @Suhas you were asking too, so listen up. It’s called the Crystal Skye, and it’s owned by a Cruse ship company. They pretty much advertise it as a flying cruise ship. They lease and charter it out to sports teams, the ultra wealthy, and anyone else who wants to go just about anywhere and has a lot of $$ to do it.

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