Southwest Flight Review

Hello, today I’ll be reviewing Southwest Airlines. I’ve heard so many great things about Southwest Airlines. If you guys have ever watched Jeb Brooks Why People “Luv” Southwest Airlines review video then you will notice some similarities from this review and the video

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Time: Noon game time

We are here at terminal 1 at LAX getting ready for our flight out to San Francisco. I’ve heard amazing things about this Airline so I figured I would give it a try!

This seat should do I love watching the engine and the wing. Now I start to wonder who will sit next to me. Finally I hear the best announcement known to man “boarding complete” and no one sat next to me!

Ratation out of LAX

As we reached cruise the flight attendants passed out a bag of pretzels and some water.
As we began our decent the flight attendants come around to collect our trash. I asked on of them I could go up and see the flight deck when we land and they said yes!

On approach next to an American CRJ

Touch down!

On the ground at SFO. I would rate this a 10/10 flight! The crew was amazing and nice. We where not delayed out of LAX and overall it was a fun and enjoyable flight!

Hope you enjoyed this flight review see you next time!


Aww! You could’ve done Southwest LAX-SJC (KLAX-KSJC)

Southwest is much bigger at San Jose


Ha I’m currently about to do that route actually. Thinking about doing a different airline though because I just did southwest.

You could try American, Alaska, or Delta

But Southwest has more destinations out of SJC than SFO fyi

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I miss the peanuts :(

You should do LGB-SJC with jetBlue!

Nice photos!


I like that suggestion. I love flying JetBlue aircraft, and thanks.

You should try WestJet for example KLGA or KJFK- YYYZ. Amazing Photos by the way. Stay Safe. <3

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Yep I have not tried them yet.

And if you wanted to do Soutwest again you could do KDAL-KSAN or KLAS.

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