Southwest flight performs Emergency Landing

Hmmmm, I wonder what happened for something this serious. And quite rare on Southwest as well. Must have been the Air Circulation Systems probably. It was on a Boeing 737-800,


What was the reason of the emergency landing?

THe article said a weird smell in the cabin

Might want to point out that some of those passengers are a bit weird. They would rather jump of the wing and risk breaking a leg/ankle than sliding down the rear slides that are incredibly obvious in the picture.

I mean…come on people!!!


I mean, if they couldn’t wait, thats stupid. That’s kind of rare.

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They probably suspected there was a fire, due to the heat and th smell, which can be extremely dangerous in an enclosed space, as well as near thousands of pounds of jet fuel. I’d say getting off the plane as quickly as possible is the priority in that situation, everyone waiting to use the slides could have doubled or tripled the total evacuation time.

Eight feet is quite a jump there.

I know that but you said that if they did suspect a fire why would they jump of the WINGS!!! The wings are full of fuel so if anything the wings are the most dangerous place in a plane crash becuae of the fuel fire rish

Well, theories will remain theories until proven otherwise. Either a bunch of panicked passengers as stated above, or as Reed said, the fastest way out won’t be the safest but guaranteed a chance to save your life.

This is a 737-800 we’re talking about. Jumping off the wing of a 737 is not high up at all. Yes maybe they coulda listened and gone to front and back but they’re okay

I think it is all about getting off of the aircraft as quickly as possible and getting as far away as possible. If the fuel were to explode, sometime tells me being anywhere on the plane could kill you.

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