Southwest flight fro San to sfo

Im heading to sfo today from San flying southwest for 1hr the gate we departed from is terminal 1 gate 11 departure time was 11:20 west coast time

My seat view is 8d and pushback was 2mins early heading to runway 27

Off the ground at 11:34

Now at flight level 300

Now decending to sfo at 12:20

On the ground at 12:30
made it to sfo safely would fly with them again


nice picture! but it does not abide by the Screenshots and Videos category rules as there is GUI, please delete it.

I accidente took it that way because I took a screenshot by mistake


Nice tripreport and flight!

Nice Shots! Here’s a tip:

Use the screenshot button in the replays, it makes the quality much better!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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