Southwest Flight #2686 6-15-2019

Hello! I was recently on an ex-AirTran B737 from KLAS-KSTL! :)

Registration # : N7719A

It was a full flight and it was very nice (surprisingly!)

Southwest never does me wrong with wing view pictures. :)

We took off Runway 26L in Las Vegas. I have never taken off on this runway, I have taken off on runways, 26R and 1L. After takeoff we turned right and we were bound for St. Louis. On Approach we went around the airport and landed on Runway 29.

Here are a few pictures from my flight!

At the gate in KLAS! C16

Cruising at FL370

Airport and buildings north of Downtown!


Looks fun! Southwest is probably my favorite airline 100%.


They are definitely my favorite airline!

May I ask what Air Tran is?

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Air Tran is the airline that Southwest took over. :)

Oh…the livery is infinite flight on the 717? Why do they still have it in the app?

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They have a lot of older liveries in the app. It’s always fun to fly the classics. :)

You know Ive been flying with southwest for my whole life and I’ve always wanted to fly on the heart livery but my luck is horrible and the past like 7 flights I’ve flown with southwest had the canyon blue livery and all of them did not have split scimitars


You mean 26R? Or maybe 19R?

Yes I do haha. I fixed it.

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