Southwest flight 222

Today I flown a Southwest 738 aircraft to San
Francisco from Los angles

Flight details: Aircraft: 738 - Airline: Southwest - Flight time: 49 minutes
Taking off at LAX

Views from the street and short final on SFO


Was Your display name LAX-SFO? Cause if so I found you on


Nice! The landing was the equivalent of my profile picture.

I’ve never seen anybody land on the 1’s before, aside from casual server. But looks like it was a great flight! congrats.


Right in the marks!

Speaking for @BigBert10 right now:

Fly to KSJC!

Just kidding, nice pics and buttery landing.


I use butter for my bread.
You can’t have too much grease.
The correct term is a soft landing.

Nice pics by the way!

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I used to land on the 1’s before Global.
Hey, I ain’t alone!

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Yea that’s me lol

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He put the wrong link in, it was supposed to be this one:

Anyway, very nice shots mate, keep it up.

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1s are never used for arrivals (: