Southwest Flight 112 - An IF documentary

Hey everyone!

So you remember that time when IF stories were popular a few weeks ago? Well, I really loved the idea, so I decided to make a video documentary.

“This is completely made-up. The route, aircraft, airline, airport has no reason to harm or insult anyone whatsoever, neither was there any intention to do so.” :)

I did not try to be realistic, so if you found anything that happened in the video that is unrealistic, please don’t kill me.

Video Info

  • Flights taken at KLAX
  • Numerous times
  • Flight time altogether 5-10 mins
  • Southwest B737-700
  • Took me 1 week to finish


Thanks a lot for watching! Feedback and thoughts are accepted as always.

Until now and the next time, see you around, or in the skies!


Also, for me its not working. Does It work for you guys?
I think you need to “Open In new tab” for it to work.

Sorry for the bad quality. Google photos makes it horrible.

Edit: There it works now!

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Le epić.

Love the detail. What aircraft is it, 737-8200?

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Its a B737-700 :D And thanks!

Oh okay :)

Seemed like a 737MAX since… over water boom boom

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Nice video, reminds me of ‘TheFlightChannel’ disaster videos. I would work on the FPS though, but as you said it might be due to google photos.

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Yep! I was inspired by him :) And yeah, the video was good quality until I exported it onto google photos. Thanks!

No problem! Ever considered uploading it to YouTube?

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Not really, because of copyright issues.

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Ye, music and all that rubbish.

Realy cool video @AlphaSeven!!!

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Thanks a lot Luke! Glad you like it :D

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Awfully similar to things I made except its a video, looks good anyway!

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Gold. Love that.


Good job! sniff sniff

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Haha thanks!

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