Southwest during Sunset | PWM-BWI | B737-700

Hello everyone!This is my first created topic in the community so if you have any feedback it would be appreciate. This was a flight from Portland to Baltimore during the evening hours for the Eastern Coast of the United States with a beautiful sunset. I took off right at 0000Z and watched the nice sunset while cruising above the northeastern United States.

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:06
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Livery: Southwest (Heart)
Callsign: Southwest 1642

Climbing out of Portland

Atlantic Ocean from left wing

Viewing sunset as we cruise at FL340

Sunset from right wing

Final moments before the sunlight is out of sight

Descending into Baltimore with view of airport

On final approach into Baltimore

Flight deck on final approach


Exiting runway 33L and taxing to parking

Thank you to all that view these photos and please let me know what you think of them!


Hey, Portland is KPDX not KPWM. Nice Photos Tho!

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I departed from Portland, Maine which is KPWM. Portland, Oregon is KPDX.

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Ohhhhh 🤣 Got u fam. 😉

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I love them pictures! Great work :)


Digging ⛏️ this topic out of its 4 month deep burial!

Why may I ask? The pictures are good, but if every topic stayed relevant things would get hectic around here.

On that note how did it miss the 3 month cull? What am I missing here? Does that not apply to #screenshots-and-videos perhaps? I believe that still happens unless I’m really out of the loop here.

EDIT: guess it doesn’t apply to screenshots categories, weird.

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never heard of this before. I just looked at the about the screnshots and videos category-UPDATED page and I see nothing that opposes my recent actions

Amazing!! You have to do more 🤩

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@JGordon thank you very much

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Most topics in just about all other categories are automatically closed after 3 months and I assumed that applied to #screenshots-and-videos as well. There isn’t anything wrong with what you did, your well within your rights to bring this back to the attention of the community. I was just saying if topics didn’t fall by the wayside things would get crazy here, sometimes a topic is best left to rest not brought back up every few months. Maybe making a new topic or something along those lines and bringing fresh content to the IFC would be a more productive way to keep yourself relevant in #screenshots-and-videos. That’s all I’m saying.

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Great shots!

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@KPIT I understand what you mean.

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@FlyTC93 Thanks

Come join us at SWVA, cant believe you havent! Great Pictures!

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@WheelerAviation Thank you! I’ve thought about it but I’m gonna stay independent a bit longer