Southwest during Sunset | PWM-BWI | B737-700

Hello everyone!This is my first created topic in the community so if you have any feedback it would be appreciate. This was a flight from Portland to Baltimore during the evening hours for the Eastern Coast of the United States with a beautiful sunset. I took off right at 0000Z and watched the nice sunset while cruising above the northeastern United States.

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:06
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Livery: Southwest (Heart)
Callsign: Southwest 1642

Climbing out of Portland

Atlantic Ocean from left wing

Viewing sunset as we cruise at FL340

Sunset from right wing

Final moments before the sunlight is out of sight

Descending into Baltimore with view of airport

On final approach into Baltimore

Flight deck on final approach


Exiting runway 33L and taxing to parking

Thank you to all that view these photos and please let me know what you think of them!


Hey, Portland is KPDX not KPWM. Nice Photos Tho!

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I departed from Portland, Maine which is KPWM. Portland, Oregon is KPDX.

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Ohhhhh 🤣 Got u fam. 😉

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I love them pictures! Great work :)