Southwest | DEN-SJC | Boeing 737-800ER

Hey IFC!
I’m back! And man do I love Colorado. I bet a know a person who would love this topic, @BigBert10 lives and breaths KSJC.

Server: Expert

Callsign: SWVA122

Route: Denver KDEN - San Jose KSJC

Here we go!
Our ride for today

Blasting out of Denver

Climbing over the Coors factory on the COORZ5 departure

This would never happen because colorado isn’t too moist but it’s very pretty

Flying over the desert

Even more dry than Colorado

Look out the window Bob, mountains!

Descending into San Jose

Safe landing

Takeoff and landing movie
I hope y’all enjoyed!


Great photos, I too reside in San Jose, and I am under an approach path for runway 30L/R so I get planes right when they make the left hand turn ( gear comming down) if they choose that arrival. The traffic has been severely reduced so we rarely get planes flying overhead now on approach (below) and departure (above).

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Thank you for flying to San Jose! 😃

It puts a smile on my face anytime someone visits SJC 😃


@BigBert10 agreed!!! :)

What do you mean @Patrick_McCormack? I’ve been flying on expert server for multiple years.

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@Jack_Q he just wants to welcome you more :)

As a side note: do you know what STAR ( if any) you used to approach KSJC, I’m just wondering what path you took, cirious because its my home airport along with KSFO!!! :)

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@Jster82x I know I used the STAR that handles all Eastern arrivals from like SLC, DEN and ORD, I don’t remember what it’s called

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@Jack_Q I will take a look, thank you!!! :) Once again great pictures!!! :)

Those pictures are absolutely amazing! What a great part of the world too.

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How did you switch the sides of the wing view. Im trying to figure out how.

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@Lilmike I paused the replay and used the free cam to get that shot

its a really nice shot good work dude

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