Southwest | DEN-BUR | Boeing 737-800

Hey IFC!
I was bored so I tried flying into one of LA’s secondary airports, Burbank Bob Hope! This airport has lots of cool scenery, and two short runways! Why does southwest always fly to airports with stupidly short runways? (BUR, MDW, DAL, HOU)
Server: Expert

Callsign: Southwest 1200
The photos are ready!
Windy takeoff from the mile high city (go Broncos)

Climbing over the mountains

And that’s the Continental Divide

I-70 is a wreck in the winter time especially on powder days and weekends

Cruising over the mountains

Flying over the Grand Canyon!

Descending into Burbank

Somewhat safe landing in Burbank

I hope y’all enjoyed!


That blue just POPS. You have granted the seal of approval ✅

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@CPT_Colorado you live in Colorado, do you do a lot of skiing/boarding in the winter?

Dang you reminded me I haven’t flown the reworked 737 yet for some reason, time to do that tomorrow

Awesome shots too!

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OMG I just realized that you departed from COLORADO MY FAV!!!

And no I don’t do much because I have such a busy schedule with my sport and it is pretty expensive it you don’t own skies like me

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Ooh la la 😍 great shots!

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That’s why I live in Montana. Don’t get me wrong, I love Colorado, but if you don’t get in a huge pile up on I-70, the ski resort lift ticket prices are absolutely absurd! Essentially every resort in Colorado is $150+ for one adult lift ticket. I have a fantastic ski resort called snowbowl just a 25 minute drive from my house, and it’s lift ticket prices are just $40.

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What is the continental divide?

The point in the continental where the rivers will start to flow into the Gulf of Mexico instead of the pacific

Oh okay thanks.

Burbank is my home airport! I live ten minutes away from there and go Southwest spotting all the time. I love that you flew there 🤩


This will explain it a bit better

gurl how

Nice shots @Jack_Q! I visited Burbank for the first time in the new 737 a week or so ago, it was fun. I like the short runways.

How you post so often I don’t understand, I need to get my freq game up…

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Don’t worry I flew it today 😉


Great photos! Love seeing people fly into SoCal airports other than KLAX. Lol

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