facing fuselage on Southwest Heart 737-700

So I was flying in the southwest heart livery on the 737-700 when I noticed that the engine did not have writing that all heart livery’s have facing the fuselage. It’s on the -800 in IF and this small change will help the heart -700 look better from the window view



Another Angle (Please ignore orange flash just a normal engine failiure)


😂, the writing seems a bit messed up, but of course, that’s another story


Bumping this hopefully will be fixed one day

Small change can’t imagine it would be to hard to change.

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Bumping this up to try to get on devs radar to fix this

No need to contentiously bump a 3 week old topic with 3 votes every few days. It just creates clutter ;)

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What’s the point of making a feature request to just let it fall into oblivion with the countless topics started each day?

That doesn’t happen if people are genuinely interested. Then it remains alive “naturally” :)


This plane does need to be fixed because the registration is from a 737-300 that was never painted in the heart livery just seems weird

Even though this will likely not be fixed before a full 737NG rework it still would be nice to have in game

Big bump! :) Definitely needed and i think it is an easy addition. I’m not an editor though so I’m
not sure!

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Hopefully this gets added soon! It really needs to be added!

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Bumping this! This needs to be added.

It’s also missing the Heart on the belly

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This will make the aircraft so much more realistic!

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