Southwest Cabin Accessory Concepts

As well as following aviation accounts on Instagram, I also follow a lot of design and architecture related accounts. Today, I saw the two cross over:

photo credit to @the.designjournal

This is a deign concept for in-flight cutlery for Southwest. Not entirely certain on whether it is a realised concept or fictitious.

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know the specification for this product, in terms of saving space in its functionality with its low profile as well as points surrounding the use of materials and their sustainability and properties.

I hope this concept design is something that any keen designers or architects within the IFC, like me can enjoy and appreciate the way it segues between the airline industry in the real world and product design - a crucial part of many industries and something aviation could not exist without.

Ta :)


It’s a form over function issue. I think it’s absolutely useless just like Philippe Starck’s kettle


Hmmm, I can’t disagree - when you’re designing rectangular cutlery, can you have even considered ergonomics??

Starck’s kettle useless?!?! I am hurt by that!

I do product design at A-Level so it was some of the work we researched, certain movements like streamlining and Philippe came up and yes me and my fellow classmates insulted that kettle for hours 😂

I do admire Raymond Loewy’s work though

Ahaha I do design too! I’m more centred to architecture as opposed to product design, but I worship the Eames’.
As for Loewy, he seems THE icon of streamlined design.

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I personally don’t like it. It’s stubby, rectangular. It’s the worst of both worlds, it doesn’t look good and doesn’t do its job well.

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How do you even eat with those? They look so small.

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Becuais A fork is a must to eat my peanuts, and a knife, how would I go without…


I think that the fork needs more prong length. Overall not a fan of these creative utensils. They look good tho. This would be good in Minecraft tho.


It is quite impractical, I have to say. This cutlery does look really stylish, but as a lot of people have commented it would just not work.

Interesting, but the prongs on that fork look a bit wide and that knife is excessively huge.

As far as ergonomics goes, I think this could be a good idea. Traditional utensils are designed for use at a table, where there is plenty of elbow room. On planes, there is a lot less room – I usually feel hunched and have my elbows pressed to my sides on a flight (I’m also on the upper end of normal height, so maybe it’s me). The lack of elbow room makes it difficult to get “over” traditional silverware with your hands. These utensils seem like they would allow for easier use with just fingers, allowing your hands to be more “around” the utensils. I like it!

I was just about to say that. This cutlery looks cool, but it’s completely useless when you realize you would never use it on a Southwest flight since they don’t offer any sort of meal service.

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I guess you would grip them from underneath; in a way, a bit like you would a pen

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Yes! Much better analogy than what I came up with.

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