Southwest Boeing 737-700 Maryland One

Why This Aircraft?

Hello everyone! This is my first ever feature request so bare with me here. My feature request today is to see Southwest’s Boeing 737-700 in the Maryland One special livery. I personally believe this aircraft is absolutely beautiful and is a true representation of why Southwest’s fleet is different. When the next 737 Rework comes, I hope this aircraft livery will be added!

Aircraft Information

Owner: Southwest Airline Co.
Aircraft: Boeing 737-7H4
CN/MSN: 32486
LINE No: 1721
Registration: N214WN
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Delivery Date: 2005-06-07
Age: 14.7 years

Basic Information

The Maryland One was one of the first “Special Liveries” Southwest Airlines put out into service in honor of its eastern hub, KBWI (Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport), who was the fastest growing airport that Southwest Served in 2005. The aircraft’s base is no else than Baltimore, making 14 stops there every month. It’s most flies route is BWI-BUF with 3 flights every month.

Information and Links

Again, Why?

To be able to fly one of Southwest’s Original special aircraft in its fleet would be outstanding! I personally think the aircraft would get tons of attention and be flown quite often. Let’s get this livery onto Infinite Flight!

I absolutely love how pretty the Maryland One is

Fun fact: I was actually on the Maryland One back in July, 2018

I will bookmark this thread to save it. Hopefully, it gets implemented in Infinite Flight as this would be a thrilling plane to fly :D


While this livery looks amazing and would certainly grace the IF skies, Southwest has gotten a huge amount of LUV from IFLLC lately - I feel a focus on other airlines might be more appropriate.

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fly it occasionally if it was there, of course.

I personally would love to see every Southwest Livery in IF. It would be nice to see a diversity of livery’s other than everyone flying Illinois One. The only reason I am not placing a vote is because this plane has not been brought up to date with the new tail as seen in the photo of Tennessee One bellow. I would love this plane, along with all the other livery’s, just with this tail.
(Photo Credit on the Photo)

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Southwest Airlines has plans to change the tail this year actually. The Maryland One is top of the list as it has been one of the longest in service


I remember when I flew on Maryland One in August 2013 (BWI-HOU). That was quite a flight! But I’d love to have it in IF.

Finally, long overdue

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Yes, I have have been waiting for them to change the tail for what seems like ages

I wish they would add silver one

As someone from there… would love it

It’s no longer in service

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Never have I seen this bird but I have seen other SW special liverys and they are gorgeous.

I know it isn’t is service, but it is still pretty

Would love to have this livery but it looks like the yellow/golden color is a little weird compared to the flag. Seems to throw it off for me.

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