Southwest B737-700 Nevada One Livery

This is Southwest Airlines “Nevada One”

Credits: Southwest Liveries

Background on Southwest Nevada One:

_Southwest’s first 737-700 special livery, “Nevada One” was introduced on June 2, 1999. In Nevada, Southwest serves Las Vegas and Reno.“Noting that flights to Las Vegas continue to yield the lowest profits in the United States, Kelleher said volume is how Southwest will compensate for lower revenue per seat”, which is why the company was able to bring the livery to their fleet.

  • The registration for Nevada One is (N727SW)

History Of Nevada One:

The design of the livery includes a silver star, the state flower yellow sagebrush, and the “Battle Born” banner referring to Nevada’s birth as a state during the Civil War in 1864. The unveiling party started in Reno where Herb and Lieutenant Governor Lorraine Hunt unveiled the new 737-700 to a Wild West-themed party and then continued on to Las Vegas to a Big Band-themed party complete with swing-dancing Employees. In 1999, Las Vegas was our third largest station in terms of departures, making it fitting to show our appreciation to our Nevada Customers with a specialty plane. The date that the plane dates back to is tremendously historical once again

Nevada One Route Summary List

List Of Most Destinations Nevada One Has Been To:

The purpose of this is to say some routes just in case, if you are wondering where you might fly it, I found a couple places. Please also note, I did not find ALL routes. As well as Nevada One does not only operate out of Las Vegas, :)

  • Baltimore, Maryland - Las Vegas, Nevada / Reno, Nevada

  • Minnesota - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Fort Lauderdale - Las Vegas, Nevada / Reno, Nevada

  • Dallas Love Field , Texas - Las Vegas, Nevada / Reno Nevada

  • Albuquerque International Sunport - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Austin–Bergstrom International Airport, Texas - Las Vegas , Nevada

  • Oakland, California - Los Angles, California

  • Phoenix Harbour Intl, - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Indianapolis International Airport - Reno, Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Pensacola Intl, Florida - Las Vegas, Nevada, Reno, Nevada

  • San Antonio International Airport - Reno Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • St. Louis Lambert International - Chicago O’ Hare

  • Dallas Love Field - San Antonio Intl

  • Des Moines Intl - St.Louis Lambert

  • Denver, Colorado, Burbank, California

  • Chicago Intl - Laguardia , New York

  • Pittsburgh Intl, - Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Sacramento, California - Las Vegas , Nevada

Why you should vote for the livery:

  • The aircraft has a significant background. Not only has it been to over 20 destinations, Unlike some previous Southwest liveries, Nevada One has been in service since 1999 and has continued to spark attention. I have seen the aircraft before once 2 years ago. It had arrived from a short flight from Sacramento. The livery continues to bright up the night and the livery has a lot of history. This would make a good edition to the fleet of Southwest as the Flagship does not service to one hub.

  • (Thread Inspired By : Southwest Special Liveries - and which one is your favorite?)

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Wow! Thats a great looking livery. Sadly I’m out of votes :(


I’m voting for this! Us Nevadians would like some attention 😂 Amazing Livery!


@Ryan_Vidad out of votes :(
But I like it & will support it :)

I love all the state specific liveries, they always look good on aircraft.

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I didn’t know us “Nevadians” was a thing. Thanks for your support! The livery succeeds to amaze me.

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We don’t even have any Airlines that are mainly have service to here in IF. Like Allegiant doesnt exist in IF.

Easily my favorite Southwest livery. Unfortunately I have no more votes.

Got my vote for this one for sure. I’m hoping it will fome with the Sun Country Airlines in the 20.2 update

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