Southwest at KSJC

Hello IFC again. I can see that you are excited. I’m neutral. Anyways, here I found some of older pictures from a flight. I can’t remember where I took off (Oops) but I can assure you I know I landed in KSJC :)

Server: solo
Time: Estimated time of about 2hrs as that’s about how much time I have to fly on IF
Route: Good question… N/A -> KSJC

Without further ado…

Approaching Runway 30L at KSJC in beautiful conditions

The 737 could tell the future of the A350 and is smiling wing to wing 😉 and incase you can’t tell we have touched down :)

A successful landing at KSJC runway 30L. Nive wingflex

Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoyed these pictures. :)


OMG that wingflex looks like a bird

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I guess SJC built a new runway since the last time I was there ;)

I think you meant 30L

Anyways, great pictures! The visibility actually looks pretty accurate compared to yesterday, as the fog was really bad and it was rainy.

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Oops 😂 I’ll correct that. Good spot

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WooHoo! I don’t know when these pictures were taken, but thanks for flying to SJC! 😃


No problem. Intentionally did them for you. Actually I forgot you liked SJC. Happy you like them.

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Southwest also flies into KOAK in fact … it is a hub! Fly in sometime… it was just reworked by IFAET

Love the second one for the wingflex.
Amazing job @Ondrej!

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The heck going on with them wings?!?!

Great pics, not surprised Big Bert already replied 😑

Thanks to @NBSYT

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Great work. I love landing in fog. As long as I don’t crash, that is.

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