Southwest Announces Service to Montana (Plus New Florida Destination)

Bozeman, MT (BZN) and Ft. Walton, FL (VPS) start in May!


Hello folks,

I don’t usually make topics like this, but couldn’t resist sharing this news. Today is a day I and many other Montanans (@Jack_Q , @plane_guy12 , @NathanD) have been waiting for for a long time. Southwest Airlines has announced daily service to the the 41st state on their network through Bozeman, MT! They will become BZN’s 9th airline and compete with other recent additions like JetBlue and American to connect my home state to even more cities across the country.

From Southwest’s website: "In its 50th year of service, Southwest Airlines adds another of the 50 states to its network, bringing low fares to the state of Montana on May 27, 2021. The addition of Bozeman will connect Customers with Big Sky country, bringing faster access to Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky Ski Resort, Custer Gallatin National Forest, and Montana State University. Southwest Customers may now book travel to fly nonstop between Bozeman and both Denver and Las Vegas, and reach southern Montana from more than 50 other Southwest cities on same-plane or connecting service. *

Route details:

In addition, the airline announced service to their 11th destination in Florida, Ft. Walton:

“Beginning May 6, 2021, Southwest will commence service to an 11th airport in the Sunshine State, bringing a third option for beachcombers to access the Florida panhandle. Southwest Customers will be able to fly nonstop between Destin/Ft. Walton Beach and four destinations: Baltimore/Washington (BWI), Dallas (Love Field), and Nashville, bringing additional connecting or same-plane service to more than 50 cities, with added nonstop service to Chicago (Midway) beginning June 6, 2021.”

As many locals and Southwest fans will agree, the new service to Montana is absolutely huge news! I am extremely excited to see Southwest’s 737-700s at my home airport and can’t wait to see what they do next, as BZN continues to be one of the fastest growing airports in the country, even amidst the pandemic. What do you guys think? Does this announcement make Montana more accessible to you or your friends/family?

You can read the full article from Southwest’s website here

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great day!


I’m really excited about this! Thank you for letting me know about this amazing news!


Yeaa!!! We have some extra fascinating routes to fly :)


About time SWA moved into Montana! Super excited for Bozeman!


If they started service to KBZN, then sooner or later they will do KGPI then eventually KMSO

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Hopefully so! They seem to be pretty conservative though… We will probably see new routes at BZN first, then maybe GPI. MSO seems unlikely at this point unfortunately.

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Yeah, within the next 10 years maybe😂
If an airline is going to start or upgrade service to an airport in our region, this is the list of airports they will go to before MSO

  1. Spokane
  2. Boise
  3. Jackson Hole
  4. Bozeman
  5. Kalispell
  6. Missoula
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Ooh, that’s exciting!! Hope they consider Alaska soon


Definitely wouldn’t put JAC above BZN… We had Alaska, American, and Allegiant long before them and they still don’t have JetBlue or Southwest. I’d say BOI on top and BZN and GEG are tied for #2 (just in different ways), but yeah, something like that 😂

Same here, I’ve never been to Alaska - and with the amount of RR points I have (which is a gross amount), I’d love to see Alaska for free.

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Soooo excited!!!

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Southwest is adding more Bozeman and Destin routes:

BZN to Dallas-Love, Chicago-Midway, and Phoenix

VPS to Austin and Milwaukee


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