Southwest and AirTran Flyout @ KTUS - 011800ZOCT18- (CLOSED DUE TO NO PILOTS)

Server: Training

Airport: KTUS-KDAL

Time: 1800z October 1st, 2018

NOTAM: Spawn in 15 minutes before event. Pushback begins 5 minutes before. No trolling.\

Aircraft: southwest 738 or AirTran 737

  • Gates

A01: @Riley_Grim

  • KTUS

You may want to have a creative eye catching description to get people to want to attend, think: what made you post this event.

Also I tweaked your title around so I recommend you see this post for those finishing touches.

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Thanks. This is my first event and I’m still learning. And by the way how do you list the gates and update them when people join?

A03: @anon87102400

Hope this helps!

You will type the @ and list the users name.

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Hello @anon87102400,
I’ve changed your formatting back to meet our guidelines on the IFC. Please do not change it again.

Again, see this post for more information on formatting your event title and events in general:

Thanks :)

thanks but i don’t understand can at least 1 person join though

If you give it some time, someone will most likely join.

In the future, try to make your events more eye catching with images. Make them detailed with descriptions. You want this to be a fun, exciting, and inticing experience for the user.

Check out this thread from the IFGAC for example:

Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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People will join depending on whether they are interested, and of course whether they are available. 1800Z is a good time for most people, so try making your Original Post look more appealing. A good one to go off are the Events ran by the Tailwinds Flying Club, which always look great. Here’s one. Also, as this event is so far away, people may wait a little while before they reserve a spot so that they know if they will have irl commitments on the day of the event.

EDIT: @rileymoyer beat me to it ;)


If I’m doing this event im obviously gonna be in a AirTran 737. Living the dream letting this airline not die.

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Ok this flight can be airtran too

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Have you been updating this event @anon87102400?

oops sorry! thanks ! @Dylan_M

It’s okay! Just make sure to reply to those who want a gate.

@Dylan_M do you want to attend

Sorry, October 1 is a Monday, which means I have school.

hey guys i think I’m just gonna close this event and make a new one with better format with different date. hope you join

a mod can close this