Southwest Airlines Turnaround time

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What’s the turnaround time for Southwest? Cheers in advance

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According to this article:

In 2018, SouthWest had an average turn around speed of 35 mins.

Given its a budget airline - I would say 30-40 minutes (maximum 1h)

According to

"Now, with hundreds of Boeing 737s in its fleet, Southwest averages about 35 minutes for a turnaround."

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Southwest was notable in the beginning of their operations for doing 10 minute turns. This meant they could operate the amount of flights equal to having 3 planes with only 2. Its crazy to think the passengers could really go that fast.

I’m not sure infamous is the best word to use, that would connotate it is a bad thing

At one point in the late 2000s Southwest was doing 25 minute turns according to this video.

Oh that was a bad word choice ill change that, I didnt even catch that whoops.

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Nah it was more like 10-15 minutes

Shove everyone off and shove everyone on and push while people were still finding seats

This is coming from my dad who is a pilot for Southwest

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