Southwest Airlines Trip Report: KLAX-KBWI and back!

Ever since doing these flights, I tend to only fly Southwest planes in IF (except on rare occasion lol).

The system will be on a scale of 1 through 5, with 1 being worst possible, and 5 being best possible.

Flight 1 (KLAX-KBWI)
The day is April 29th, I’m getting ready to go on a vacation in D.C. to celebrate the start of my PPL training with my family.

I wake up at 2 AM so I can get ready for my flight that is departing in 5 hours. After driving an hour I get to the airport at 5 AM. The plane I’m on is a standard 737-700 with the mid 2000’s livery, but it has split scimitar winglets.

As I wait at the gate, it turns out schools were flying to D.C. (I guess it’s some sort of program that schools do). So my flight is going packed with a bunch of anxious 13 and 14 year olds.

Since I have nothing better to do, I decided to take some pictures of aircraft at KLAX!

Epic Delta ERJ-175 shot:

A very nice Southwest 737-700 at the gate (actually at my gate, but my plane isn’t here yet).

My attempt at an A380 shot:

Now it was time to board! Thank fully the flight was on time, and I was in boarding group A!

I sat in seat 14F which was right on the wing (as seen in the photo below):

After a very nice and quick takeoff, we were starting to get settled into this long flight.

Here are the rankings for this first flight:

Food Service: 2
They didn’t serve much other than some peanuts and chips. Of course they had drinks too.

Staff: 5
On board it was someone’s birthday, so they did a whole celebration where they had us close our windows and push the call button sign to light the plane up. Also the staff was very kind and welcoming.

In Flight Entertainment: 4
Southwest Airlines has free live tv and a free flight tracker. Of course WiFi cost money, but overall it was a great. I’m only giving it a 4 because they didn’t have a very large selection of shows or movies on board.

Landing: 5
I’m adding this category because the approach into KBWI is a challenging one. You see that day was very special weather wise, since the wind was holding 25 KTS, and it was gusting 30-40 KTS. The landing couldn’t have been more smooth, and so I say kudos to the first officer. What an excellent landing we had.
(short final)

Overall rating: 4
I did not randomly say four as my overall, since the average of the scores I gave with flight would be 4. Never the less it was a great flight!

Flight 2 (KBWI-KLAX)
This was the closest thing to a “Red Eye” flight since I was on east coast time.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 7:40 PM but instead departed 1 hour later at around 8:45 PM. We arrived in Los Angeles at around 11:30 PM, so we were able to get their pretty quickly.

I believe I sat in either row 16 or 17, either way it was in seat A because I had window seat on the left side of the aircraft. As soon as we boarded, we were getting ready to liftoff.

Getting set for pushback

We took off and the flight was underway!

Here are the rankings for this flight:

Food Service: 3
I changed the ranking for this flight, because they had more of a variety of chips and drinks than the other flight.

Staff: 5
As always the staff was very hospitable. They were great!

Inflight Entertainment: 3
During this flight, the variety was somewhat lacking and they didn’t have anything too interesting for me to watch. Especially on their live television section.

Landing: 5
It was a nice smooth approach and landing. We had a steep descent into L.A. which was fun!

My blurry approach picture:

Overall Rating: 4
Once again it averages out at four!

I have a category that won’t contribute to the overall, but is something I’d like to point out.

Seating: 3
For this flight legroom was not the best. It felt sort of tight on board, but it didn’t bother me that much.

I hope you enjoyed my Southwest Airlines trip report! And I hope to see you in the near future!!

This July I have an Alaska Airlines trip report in store!


I love how detailed and thorough you were with your trip report! Very nicely done and gorgeous pics!


Thank you for these comments!

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Cool, what time did your LAX-BWI flight leave?

Approximately 7 A.M. on April 29. (:


So glad you came out to KBWI. My home airport! Maybe if we’re lucky it’ll get gates in IF in the near future. :-)


Yeah, it’s a beautiful airport.

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That is correct! Not a minute later!

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I love southwest :) hehe. Very well written btw.

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