Southwest Airlines to Unveil Lousiana One

On Wednesday March 7th Southwest Airlines will unveil a 737 featuring the flag of the state of Louisiana and honoring the city of New Orleans which was one of the first cities served by SWA outside of Texas. Press conference is scheduled for the 7th at 11:30am CST at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans. Pictures to follow on here after it’s officially revealed.

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Cool. Which variant of 73 might I ask? I know Southwest uses 700s and 800s.

-700 like always. I would LUV to see an -800 get some special livery luv some day 😏


Here she is! Luv it!!


I will be honest…I’m not a fan of SWA’s special liveries. The only one I think looks remotely good is the California 1. Never been much of a fan of the others (yes even CO 1) But this special livery is actually good. Nice job SWA!

This is a pretty bird! To bad I havent flown on alot of there special liverys

Bugger, another state I have no affiliation with.

Wow… that has to be the best Southwest Livery they’ve made so far. They did an outstanding job!

There Baby Pelicans on engine 🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃

Pelicans. State bird of Louisiana.

Fixed it, lol🙃🙃🙃🙃I put swans. I mean they look like them…

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