Southwest Airlines Summer Camp

A few weeks ago, i received an email that I had gotten accepted into Southwest’s summer camp for highschool age kids who have a relative that works for the airline! I was ecstatic!!! This is my second year to be accepted among 200 others!

So the camp took place last week from Tuesday—Thursday. They showed us everything!! From the NOC, to the Inflight Training, to the network planning, to crew scheduling and so much more! It really gave many campers an idea of what job they want to pursue once graduated from High School!


My team was even able to land a meeting with SWA President, Tom Nealon

Network Planning. We planned a full day for 6 SWA aircrafts.

Sorry for the terrible picture but that’s the brand new Pilot Training sims

Hangar Tour

Overall it was an AMAZING week and i Plan on returning until i can no longer go!! 💙❤️💛


Wow that sounds awsome, hope you had a blast, and do next year…


What unique and exciting expirience. Maybe this will show other airlines to do the same to inspire teenagers with unknown career paths! Wish I could go! Glad you had fun!!!


If any of you have a relative that works for SWA let them know that you wanna go next year!

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Wish I had a relative that did, but sadly I don’t…

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Dang that looks like fun sadly no one works for Southwest in my family 😔

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The camp seems super exciting, would love to attend one day but I sadly can’t due to the fact that nobody in my family works in SW. I think they should let anybody go into the camp and let the people that have SW airlines relatives get a discount or something as the people that want a career with SW don’t habe the opportunity to enjoy this camp.


Aww man! I wish I could come. But when I grow up, I would be the first pilot in my family tree.

That means I got no relatives there.

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The camp is free of charge anyway. but they are talking about opening it up to all HS students for maybe next year


The 737 hanging from the ceiling. Is it real or a model?

It’s a model… a big model!

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That is so cool! You’re incredibly lucky!

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