Southwest Airlines State Liveries

We should have some Southwest Specialty planes! They look amazing! We don’t need all but atleast a few like Missouri One or Florida One! There are already a few specialty liveries in the game so why not more?


California One


Missouri One

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Could you show links to some of them?

Here is a few. There are more but these are some.


Oh yes I recognise them

These definetly need to be added

Any are fine except the Shamu ones. Would be a disappointment to see that place get honored with a livery

@benny1263 See PM for my response so we don’t go off topic


Ehh, it doesn’t matter to me. Anyone would be awesome!

Yeah they are way cool!!

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New Mexiko one,
because we have little yellow Aircrafts. :-)

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I would prefer the Southwest Navada, “Battleborn” or Maryland.


Is that plane landing… without landing gear?

I can guarantee you it’s an airshow flyby.

No, it’s not lading. High speed pass.

Maryland One would be cool, it’s very colorful!


The shamu one was actually going to go in the game, it was removed because of complaints and stuff…

Will they add another one to make up for it?

So, does that eliminate the chances of Shamu and Penguin One or the whole fleet?

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